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You may observe that one of the services we provide for our customers is low-moisture carpet cleaning utilizing the encapsulation technology by browsing our website.

low moisture carpet cleaning
What encapsulation is all about will be covered later. But for the time being, you should be aware that low-moisture carpet cleaning is particularly useful in Florida due to the state’s high level of humidity.
While we do provide our customers with traditional carpet cleaning utilizing the extraction method—and in some situations, we even encourage it—the crucial problem with extraction is that it can take the carpet several hours to dry, which is compounded worse by our humid climate.
Low-moisture carpet cleaning prevents this from happening. With this technique, carpeted areas can be made accessible to foot circulation soon after cleaning and quickly dry.
Low-moisture carpet cleaning and carpet trends
Wall-to-wall carpeting is now not being installed in many residences and some commercial buildings. This is primarily a problem with the decor. Hard surface flooring has been in and carpet has been out for a number of years.
However, this isn’t always the case in many business environments, educational institutions, and other types of facilities. Carpet has a number of advantages for these business locations, including:
Absorbs sound—this feature of carpets is frequently at the top of the list.
conceals the soil. Hard surface floors often have spills and dirt that are immediately noticeable. The same messes and stains don’t show up as clearly on carpet.
makes breathing easier. A 25-year-old study discovered that carpet absorbs dust and other airborne contaminants. Maintaining the carpet properly, which often means routine vacuuming, contributes to better indoor air quality.
Less expensive to own and easier to maintain. According to several studies, carpeting is less expensive to own in the long run than hard-surface flooring and requires less upkeep.
But carpet and hard surface floors have one thing in common: they both need to be cleaned. Low-moisture carpet cleaning is useful in this situation.
Low-moisture carpet cleaning, according to the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Association, is the use of techniques and processes that enable carpet fibers to return to their normal state in two hours or less.
We should note that according to the Association, drying in two hours or less should be the objective. Numerous factors, including temperature and humidity, might cause this to change. But one thing is certain: carpet cleaned with low-moisture techniques dries far more quickly than carpet cleaned with the extraction approach previously stated.
This is especially true when using the Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning’s low-moisture carpet cleaning (LMC) system.
With our technique, water is diluted with a 99 percent organic powder derived from natural sources. When this powder is put to the carpet, it deeply enters the fibers. Through the aforementioned process of encapsulation, it absorbs dirt as it penetrates. This indicates that dirt are encircled and compressed by the powder, making it simpler to vacuum them up and remove them from carpet fibers.
Using our LMC system, we have found that carpet dries more quickly and has a variety of other advantages, including the following:
Contributes to the day-to-day maintenance of the carpet’s ideal appearance.
Lessens interference with the building.
Can be more affordable than other carpet cleaning techniques.
Frequently effective when gluing-on carpet tiles.
Significantly lessens water usage compared to the extraction process, supporting sustainability
Reduces “wicking” to a minimum. This is when dirt from the carpet’s backing rises to the top.
As more dirt are removed with each vacuuming session, the carpet looks better.
We must add one more benefit to the long list of advantages, though: low-moisture carpet cleaning does not replace carpet extraction. Carpet will eventually need to be pulled, roughly once or twice a year. The hard-to-remove filth is removed during this thorough cleaning, extending the carpet’s lifespan and enhancing its overall beauty.

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