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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Services


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Our Very Low Moisture Process

We do not shampoo your carpets, rugs or furniture. We do carpet cleaning using an oscillating pad machine best described as a random orbital oscillating machine.

It features two movements, first a random orbit is created, allowing the pad to clean all sides of the carpet fibers while also utilizing a freewheeling revolution, similar to an orbital car polisher. We clean with a new advanced encapsulation cleaner,that attaches itself to dirt and stains, then is vacuumed away. We use only about 1/20 the water of a shampoo system, so our system is much better for the environment. Using less water also means that your carpet will dry much faster, usually about an hour or less.

All of our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and if you would like us to  use certified “Green” we can do that also.

The picture to the right  shows all of our equipment that is  brought into your home.  We do not have to leave doors or windows open for hoses.

The loudest machine we have is the  vacuum.