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As one of the best ways to keep carpets clean, low-moisture carpet cleaning is a fool-proof way to keep them that way. Not at all. So that you can figure it out, Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning is here for you

To start with, what is low-moisture carpet cleaning?
Low-moisture carpet cleaning is a term for a lot of different ways to clean your carpet. Dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and encapsulation are some of them.

People who use low-moisture methods have a lot of advantages to them. They dry faster than most other ways. These methods also don’t waste as much water, which makes them less likely to over-wet or re-soil carpets.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning: What You Need to Know
There are a lot of myths about low-moisture cleaning that have been around for a while now. That’s where our skills come in.

There is a myth that a carpet that has been cleaned with low moisture will dry in 4-6 hours. This isn’t true, though. Some carpets can be cleaned with these techniques, but because they use very little water, the carpets dry in two hours.

There are also some myths about how this cleaning method works, such as:

People say that a low moisture extractor doesn’t make as much water as your regular extractor does.
The reason for this myth? Conventional extractors use at least 1.5 gallons of water per minute when they clean carpets, so they use a lot of water. There is a lot of truth in the myth above, but it’s not important. It’s not true. It takes less than one gallon of water to clean the carpet every minute with low-moisture cleaning tools. What’s also important to note is that you’re using less water to start with, which means less water will be released.

When carpets are cleaned with low water, they quickly become dirty again.
Some methods of low-moisture cleaning don’t work this way all the time, though. However, re-soiling can only happen if the method is not properly delivered. Only if there is no carpet extraction after bonnet cleaning does the chemical residue from the cleaning make the carpet dirty again.

If you hire a commercial cleaning service that knows how to do the job right, you can only avoid quickly re-soiling.

Myth: You can only use low-moisture cleaning with a machine that uses hot water to clean your carpet.
Not all of that is true. Low-moisture cleaning methods can be used with any type of system. Because hot water is better at getting rid of dirt, grime, and stains from commercial carpets than cold water would be.

Myth: Carpets dry faster when low-moisture cleaning is used because it takes less time.
While this is important, it is not the only reason. Besides being quick and effective, low moisture carpet cleaning methods are also better for the earth. And because the result is long-lasting, the overall value of the service is what most people are interested in.