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VLM carpet cleaning
The Issue with Traditional Carpet Cleaning
Many hot water extraction (“steam cleaning” or HWE) procedures can overwet your carpet. Several things can happen when the carpet gets wet. Carpet cleaning with very low moisture (VLM)
You cannot stay in the room all day.
Soil is driven down into the carpet, backing, and pad and may not be removed.
Spots are back. As the water evaporates, part of the dirt is drawn or wicked back to the surface.
Carpet and backing can detach.
Carpet has the potential to stretch and ripple.
Carpet or rug dye may bleed and discolor.
Mold and mildew may form if the carpet does not dry in 24 to 48 hours.

We employ very low moisture carpet cleaning procedures, often known as “dry carpet cleaning.” Water is required and used, but we have discovered that we can clean carpets and rugs equally as well – if not better – using a fraction of the water used by “steam cleaners.”
Carpet cleaning with very low moisture in three steps.
We use three simple stages to clean your carpet with our innovative Teri-Towel system:
Vacuum cleaning.
We begin by thoroughly vacuuming the area. When the soil is dry, it is easier to remove. We’ll be ready for the tougher soil once we’ve extracted what we can with dry vacuuming.
We spray your carpets lightly with our unique, all-natural cleaning solution (no harsh chemicals) and allow the solution to begin breaking down the soil. In a typical home, we use only 2-3 gallons of cleaning solution. That’s one-tenth of what hot water extraction cleaners use.
The extraction.
Our following step is what sets us apart from other carpet cleaners. We utilize an oscillating machine with clean, absorbent towels to soak up the solution as well as the soil from your carpet instead of a wand to suck up the solution. This provides the necessary agitation as well as solution and soil extraction.
carpet cleaning with minimal moisture
In 2-3 hours, you can use your carpet.
With less solution, drying time is reduced. It also means fewer chemicals, leaving your carpet plush rather than crispy. Because there is no sticky residue, the carpet does not resoil readily. Ask the cleaning technician to show you the used towels if you want to see what came up. We’ll wash them and reuse them.
Very Low Moisture carpet cleaning conserves water and is environmentally friendly. It also protects your carpet. However, the main reason our customers favor Very Low Moisture carpet cleaning is that the carpet is clean and stays clean!

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