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VLM carpet cleaning

Encapsulation is a tried-and-true commercial carpet technology. Several of the nation’s biggest commercial carpet manufacturers promote and employ encapsulation cleaning chemicals to keep their business floor coverings in good condition. Shampoo solutions, pre-treat rinses, and spot cleaners are all examples of encapsulation formulas.

There are several significant advantages to low moisture carpet cleaning:

  • Low moisture ensures quick drying times. Because a fraction of the amount of water is utilized, the occupants can get back to business much faster.
  • Spots do not reappearance after cleaning.
  • Doors do not have to be left open to accommodate hoses for security reasons.
  • Carpets with soil-attracting residue can be rehabilitated and will stay cleaner for longer.
  • Machines that are quiet enough to be used during typical business hours
  • Environmentally responsible. There is no harmful chemistry utilized, and the machines are powered by electricity.
  • Slip/fall hazards have been significantly reduced.

Carpet cleaning may be a difficult experience for the occupants of any organization. Long dry periods, lost productivity, and after-hours access all add to a poor condition that most individuals would prefer to avoid. It’s no surprise that they put off carpet cleaning until absolutely necessary. Why not make it easier on yourself by adopting The Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning’ low moisture cleaning method? Our technique not only gives these advantages, but it also raises the carpet pile and prepares the fibers for a final cleaning, resulting in the best possible condition for your carpet.

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