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Low moisture carpet treatment has been adopted by the professional carpet cleaning sector, and many end-users increasingly request it as well. Nonetheless, despite its growing popularity, numerous misconceptions and myths regarding very low moisture carpet cleaning persist among cleaning experts. Professional carpet cleaning West Des Moines.

Myth: Low moisture carpet cleaning only applies to extractor-based restorative carpet cleaning.
This is a myth. Low moisture carpet cleaning can refer to a variety of carpet cleaning processes, such as encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, and so on.

Myth: After cleaning using a low moisture approach, carpets should dry in four to six hours.
This is a myth. Low moisture carpet cleaning is defined by the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association as any process that allows carpets to dry in roughly two hours.

Myth: A low moisture extractor extracts less water from carpets than a standard extractor.
This is, for the most part, correct. While standard extractors can leak up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute into carpets, low moisture technology can limit this to less than one gallon.

Myth: The main issue with low moisture carpet cleaning is the high frequency of resoiling.
This is possible, but it is dependent on the approach utilized. Chemical residue left in carpets after shampooing or bonnet cleaning can cause rapid resoiling; however, when employing carpet extraction, this is usually not an issue.

Myth: The use of hot-water carpet extractors is required for low moisture carpet cleaning.
This is not always the case, but heated systems are generally more successful in removing dirt from carpets.

Myth: The main rationale for using low moisture carpet cleaning is because it allows carpets to dry faster.
This is a major reason why clients prefer low moisture cleaning, but it is not the only one. Very low moisture carpet cleaning is also thought to be a more environmentally friendly method of cleaning carpets.

*Drying times might be affected by weather and other factors.

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