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VLM carpet cleaning

Very Low moisture carpet cleaning is one of the most efficient strategies for ensuring that carpets remain beautiful. Should you use this service? Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning is here to assist you in determining this.

To begin, what exactly is low moisture professional carpet cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning refers to a variety of carpet cleaning methods.

Low moisture approaches have several advantages. They dry faster than the majority of other ways. Furthermore, because the resulting water waste is lower, these procedures lessen the risk of over-wetting or re-soiling carpets.

What You Should Be Aware of Regarding Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

There are numerous low moisture cleaning myths that have circulated the market. That is where our experience comes into play.

One common misconception is that a carpet cleaned with the low moisture approach would dry in 4-6 hours. However, because to the little volume of liquids utilized in these ways to clean the carpets, the actual drying time is 1-2 hour or less.

Other fallacies about this cleaning approach concern the equipment and procedures employed, such as:

Myth: A low moisture extractor extracts less water than a standard extractor.

What is the reasoning behind this myth? When used on carpets, conventional extractors produce at least 1.5 gallons of water per minute. While the aforementioned misconception is true in most cases, it is not cause for concern. Not at all. Low moisture cleaning equipment uses less than one gallon of water per minute to clean the carpet. It’s also worth noting that you’re using less water to begin with, resulting in a lower release.

Myth: Carpet washing with low moisture results in rapid re-soiling.

This is not true of all low moisture cleaning procedures. However, re-soiling can occur only if the procedure is not used correctly. Chemical residue from bonnet cleaning can cause re-soiling, but only if carpet extraction is not performed afterwards.

In such instances, the only way to avoid rapid re-soiling is to employ a business cleaning service that knows how to do the work correctly.

Myth: Only a hot water carpet extractor can handle low moisture cleaning.

Not quite correct. Low moisture cleaning procedures are compatible with all systems. Cleaning businesses, on the other hand, prefer heated systems since hot water is more successful at eliminating dirt, grime, and stains from industrial carpets.

Myth: Low moisture carpet cleaning is popular because it allows carpets to dry more quickly.

While this is an important factor, it is not the only one. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods are not only faster and more effective, but they are also more environmentally friendly. And, because the end product is long-lasting, the entire value of the service is what attracts the majority of clients.

Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning, for example, provides a variety of low moisture carpet cleaning and commercial floor cleaning services in WEST DES MOINES. Contact Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning today if you want to reap the benefits of very low moisture carpet cleaning.

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