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According to Davies, it’s vital to convey to the client the advantages of low-moisture carpet cleaning, such as how effective it is at cleaning carpets with largely surface debris.

“People who don’t support low moisture would argue we’re not deep cleaning,” he explains. “I would respond, ‘We don’t need to be deep cleaning.'” If the soil isn’t at that level, don’t bring it down with a lot of water and chemicals.'”

Another advantage in commercial settings, such as retail establishments, is that there is minimum downtime.

“We would clean a store [with low-moisture technology] in the evening or just before opening, and people could walk on the carpet with no safety issues,” Davies adds. “The carpet would be dry, clean, and in good physical condition.”

Other, less obvious advantages exist as well. For example, because less moisture is required, the risk of harmful bacteria levels is reduced, according to McDonald.

According to Gelinas, the lower environmental effect is also a benefit. The reduced water usage of low-moisture carpet cleaning is a big selling advantage in drought-stricken countries. When employing a truckmount for hot-water extraction, fresh water is converted into chemically treated water, which must subsequently be disposed away correctly.

“You’re taking hundreds and hundreds of gallons of pure, fresh, drinkable water and turning it into contaminated, chemical-laden sewage as opposed to low moisture, which requires very little water and the dirt can be retrieved as dry soil through post-vacuuming,” Gelinas adds.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning also alleviates the annoyance of repeated stains caused by wicking, which occurs when soil at the carpet’s base rises up the fiber during the drying process.

“Recurring spill stains are a big concern in all business buildings that use hot-water extraction,” Gelinas explains. “If done properly, low-moisture procedures can completely eradicate that problem.”

Despite all of the advantages, BSCs should not solely sell low-moisture cleaning.

Instead, the easiest approach for a BSC to gain consumer trust is to simply provide a choice of procedures, including low-moisture carpet cleaning, to suit every case. Because hot-water extraction can remove the most soil in a single cleaning, this conventional method is “always going to remain king,” according to Gelinas. However, BSCs should examine the carpet and select the approach that will produce the greatest results.

“Do a free trial and show them how nice your carpet will look,” he suggests. “That’s the most effective approach to sell.”

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